9 Ways To Care For Your Fashion Pieces

Whether you’re a total fashionista or into sustainable fashion, you probably spend a lot more than you think on clothing. Buying fashion pieces built to last is one thing, but there are other things you can do to make them last even longer.  No, we are not talking about sending your laundry to the dry-cleaners, there are many inexpensive ways to take better care of your clothes; just by simply following these instructions.


Read on to find out the top tips for taking care of your clothes so they stay looking great for as long as possible: 


1. Wash Less Frequently 

Try to wash your clothes as less frequently as possible. Not that you should wear dirty clothes, but the more you wash them, the more they lose their quality. Constantly submitting fabrics to soaking, detergent and spinning can wear them out, so try to hold off washing items until they really need it. Some jeans brands even advise never washing your denim, instead simply spot-cleaning. It is too easy to throw pieces into the wash basket at the end of the day, but instead, hang them up to air. Preferably outside of the wardrobe, until putting them back to store the following morning.

2. Invest in a Good Washing Machine

Drum-type washing machines that offer adjustable spin speed and temperature are much more gentler on your clothes.  Some washing machines come with features that are even gentler than handwashing; thus saving you time as well as extending the lifespan of your favourite fashion pieces.  Do take note that delicate items such as lingerie, silk & lace might require hand washing or at the lowest spin cycle (or just drip dry) in the washing machine!

3. Wash Dark Clothes Inside-Out 

Dark-wash jeans, black blouses, and other darker material can become faded in the wash as it rubs up against other clothing. Always launder your washer-safe dark clothes inside-out to ensure they hold their color.  

4. Separate your Dark and Light Coloured Laundry

This will prevent any transfer of dark colours onto your light coloured laundry. It will also keep your whites and brighter coloured fashion pieces retain their colors and lustre longer.

5. Pay Attention To Care Labels 

That tag found on the neck or down the side seam of your shirt is not for decoration. It gives you a garment’s laundering instructions, which are designed to ensure that it stays in great shape. If you know you hate hand-washing and line-drying, avoid buying clothes that require special care. Some fabrics only works with 100% dry cleaning, and this could be expensive in the long run.

6. Invest In Good Hangers 

Wire or plastic hangers can often stretch the shoulders of garments, which means they won’t lay nicely on your body. Consider investing in better hangers with wood or plush fabric arms, which help garments retain their shape better.


7. Give Clothes Some Breathing Room 

If you’re short on space, resist the urge to pack your closet full of clothes. Squishing a ton of items next to each other can result in wrinkling and fading as the fabrics are constantly rubbed together.

8. Alter to fit or refresh the style 

Many people no longer wear their favourite item because it no longer fits them, or because they no longer like the style. A simple alteration like taking in at the waist or shortening a full-length dress into mid or short length can give you what feels like a fresh new outfit. It also keeps your old favourites updated with the latest style


9. Stash T-shirts Carefully 

Folding T-shirts keeps them fluffy. You can fold in the sleeves toward the back, and then folding the T-shirt in half once crosswise, to avoid creating extra creases. And keep them in a light stack on the shelf. Don’t hang your T-shirts. It creates unsightly hanger marks, and it stretches them. T-shirts can grow an inch just from gravity’s effect on cotton.

Unfortunately, not all clothing items are meant to last forever. They’re bound to wear out, fade, and change shape after repeated use. Still, by being a little more careful in the way you clean, handle, and store your clothes, you can get months and even years of extra wear out of each piece. 

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