Personality Body Style Analysis

Are you constantly struggling to find the “perfect” outfit to wear? 

Do you feel uncomfortable even when you thought the suits you?

Are you suffering from low self-confidence/self-esteem because of your body shape?   

Are you afraid or ashamed to show up to events because you don’t feel trendy?

Don’t worry, you are not alone. Many women all over the world have experienced the same or similar feelings/situations when it comes to their personal style.

At Rose of Sharon (ROS), it is our mission to help our customers, like yourself, to understand their style personalities and embrace their body shapes. We want to equip you with knowledge and empower you to make the right choice when it comes to choosing outfits for any occasion. 

As part of our USP to focus on personality dressing, we have designed our Personality & Body Style Analysis to help you to embrace your body shape and know which style personality you belong to.


ROS celebrates every woman because we believe they are beautiful inside out.  

Our clothes are designed to bring out the best in you. When you are dressed according to your personality, you will feel great and confident. We curate and craft our cuttings to fit your body shape. When you come to our outlets (or online shop), you will have a wide range of styles to choose from. 

Besides, we choose fabrics that are comfortable, high quality and value for money. Our styles are kept timeless, simple and elegant. 

We recognise the different roles you have, eg daughter, sister, mother, friend, leader etc. As you multitask throughout the day, you can be sure to look good, feel great and show up with amazing self-confidence.

ROS is passionate to create joyful moments with you through fashion and styling. When you radiate joy and beauty, you will attract your tribe/community.


What is Personality and Body Style Analysis?

It is a simple method to discover your body shape and the core of your style personality. There are five types of style personality. Let’s learn more.

1. Natural

With your persona, you prefer comfortable and easy-to-maintain clothes. You value comfort and functionality. The fabrics need to be lightweight, with minimal details yet stylish. As a Natural Personality, you are an active individual who demands free movement and ease of dressing!

2. Elegant

You have a presence that is gracious, alluring and dainty. You love designs that are elegant, charming and sleek. Radiating authority yet feminine, the Elegant Personality have a keen sense of fashion that invokes charisma with sophistication.

3. Classic

Your wardrobe consists of mostly neutrals such as black, grey, navy blue and beige. Clean straight lines dominate your closet. As a Classic Personality, you prefer to keep your outfit simple, timeless and business-like. A tendency to match your outfits, eg, a handbag in a colour that is similar to your shoes, is in your nature.

4. Dramatic

You're a lively person with rather exotic tastes, who wants to have fun and experiment with bold & striking colours and unique style of clothes! As a Dramatic Personality, you love to party and adore glamour, so your wardrobe will always have one-off designs and impulse buys that will stand alone.

5. Feminine

You are feminine, ladylike and never lose your feminine allure. Your choice of outfits tends to be soft with drapes, frills and laces. As a Feminine Personality, you are well-groomed and looking your best! You love beautiful tactile fabrics, gentle or pretty colours. You are clever to choose details on your clothes that will accentuate your curves.


Embrace Your Body Shape

ROS believes every woman is beautiful inside out. 

We are gifted with a body that is unique to us and loving every inch of our curves will help us show up with style and confidence.

Learning about your body shapes, plus your style personality gives you more confidence in dressing yourself for every occasion in your beautiful life.

1. Triangle aka "Pear" 

Your hips are wider than your shoulders.

2. Inverted Triangle

Your shoulders are wider than your hips

3. Rectangle

Your shoulders, bust, & hips are similar in size, with no defined waistline

4. Hour Glass

Your shoulders & hips are similar in size, with a very defined waistline.


At ROS, we are passionate to dress our customers according to their body shape and style personality.

If you still struggle with choosing the right outfits or want to know about our Personality and Body Style Analysis, make an appointment with our Fashion Advisors now. 

I Want To Know My Style Personality

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