Our Story


Mother of 4 beautiful girls, Founder & CEO of a Women Fashion Boutique and a Powerful Entrepreneur.

A little over 25 years ago, our journey began. 

Our roots trace back to 1997, when the Asian Financial Crisis left my family in a daze after we attempted to start a wholesale fashion business but was left with over $200,000 worth of goods left unclaimed, with orders cancelled and unpaid for. We considered our options, and ultimately decided that instead of relying on others for our bread and butter, that we'd build our very own retail business to sell off all that we had.

That was how Rose of Sharon was founded.

Rose of Sharon is a Singapore based ladies fashion boutique. Sharing its name with the flowers growing in the Plain of Sharon, a proverbially fertile place known for beautiful trees and flowers. Rose of Sharon signifies the love, beauty & majesty of a confident women.

The essence of Rose of Sharon culture embodies beauty, simplicity, genuineness, and excellence. Together we discover the unique dress personality and body shape that you have. We carry a wide range of styles to suit you from XS to XXL to celebrate your curves.

As we continue this journey, we invite you to be part of our story. Let's walk this path together, celebrating individuality, style, and the beauty of being you.

Come visit us at our boutiques today!

#02-18 Novena Square | +65 6255 7768
#02-67/68 International Plaza | +65 6323 6192
#02-19 Parkway Parade | +65 6345 5006

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