Finding the Perfect Dress for your Body Shape

A dress is a single, simple piece of clothing, probably the simplest thing we women can wear. It’s comfortable to move around in, since there’s no tight material between the leg, it’s easy to put on and take off, or to deal with while using the bathroom.

Importantly, selecting the right dress can be flattering to our body types. This is not rocket science – the first thing you need to learn is what your body shape is to figure out what type of dresses are ideal for you. If you have been looking for the perfect dress that accentuate your figure, read on to find out more!

Most women fall into one of six body type categories: Diamond, Triangle, Hourglass, Inverted Triangle, Rectangular and Round.  Figuring out your body type will then make finding the perfect dress way easier for you!


Diamond Shaped Body

Ladies with narrow shoulders and narrow hips, but with a wider midriff or stomach area are those with a “Diamond Body Shape”. For this body shape, one important tip would be to minimize the midriff area and bring focus or emphasis to the shoulders and legs.

What type of dresses flatter your body?

  • Short Flare dresses (eg Shift, Mermaid or A-line dresses)

This will again fill out your lower body and make your midriff look smaller or in line with your lower body as well as draw attention to your slender legs·

  • Dresses or tunic with details on the neckline such as embroidery or bow collar to draw attention to your face and make your shoulders and hip appear wider.

Triangle Shaped Body

For women, the most common figure proportion is the pear shape. Common traits of the pear shaped body are the tendency to be bottom-heavy especially in the hips or thighs, having relatively narrower shoulders and bust compared to hips, as well as a clearly defined waistline. A pear shaped figure, especially when dressed in a flattering way, can look exceptionally beautiful and curvaceous! 

What type of dresses flatter your body?

  • Fit-and-flare dresses (e.g Maxi, Shift, A-line dresses)

Hourglass Shaped Body

If you have the coveted hourglass shaped figure, your body is typically described to be symmetric and curvy. Dress to flaunt your curves! The hourglass figure has an even bust and hip proportion, as well as a well-defined waist and rounded bottom. Lucky you, the hourglass figure is one that allows flexibility in dressing choices and accessories! There are unlimited looks you can rock to express your style and personality!

What type of dresses flatter your body?

  • Figure-hugging and form-fitted apparel (e.g Bodycon, Wrap, Mermaid dresses)

  • V-neck, sweetheart or scoop necklines which slim down your bust, keeping your look balanced


Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

The inverted triangle shaped body also known as apple shaped figure is generally well-proportioned with broader shoulders compared to hips. Often times, those with the apple shaped figure have slender arms and legs as they have the tendency to carry more weight in their mid-section. The apple shaped figure, especially when dressed in flattering clothing, can look exceptionally tall, slender and graceful, just like runway models.

What type of dresses flatter your body?

  • Clothing that can draw attention away from your upper body (e.g using belts to create a more definition at waist) 

  • V-necklines which will draw attention to your waist without making you look top heavy.
  • Dresses to flaunt your legs (Flowy tunics, Midi dresses, A-line dress)

Rectangular Shaped Body

The rectangular shaped figure has wide shoulders, straight hips and a slender, sporty build. The wonderful thing about the athletic body shape is that it is extremely versatile and fun to play around with. For the athletic shaped figure, your weight is distributed fairly evenly around your body. The best part of being athletic shaped is that your body is so fun to dress! Your shape looks great in almost anything, and it is up to you what you would like to conceal or enhance!

What type of dresses flatter your body?

  • Most dress styles work on your body so pick dresses according to the features you want to highlight! (e.g Asymmetrical dresses to accentuate your legs, Halter dress to accentuate your shoulders and arms, Wrap dress to accentuate your slender body)

Round Shaped Body

The round shaped body has an upper body that is bigger than the lower body, no defined waist, slim hips and broad shoulders. You may have slender legs that help to flatter the buttocks. Those with a round shaped figure are more likely to gain weight around your stomach, back and upper body. Your body shape can look flawless and attractive especially when dressed in clothing that helps to cover the shapeless waistline and round stomach! 

What type of dresses flatter your body?

  • Wear dresses or tops with vertical and diagonal lines as it will make your midriff slimmer

  • Go for dresses with longer sleeves

A general rule of thumb when choosing the ideal dresses for your body is that style is not a one-size-fits-all! What may flatter your body may not flatter someone else’s body the same way. Rose of Sharon’s team of fashion advisors would be happy to help you with personal styling and picking out the ideal dresses for your body shape.  Visit our stores or book an appointment with our fashion advisors here 

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