Dressing for your Body Shape

At Rose of Sharon, we believe that understanding your body type is an important step to enhance your dressing and style. 

Each body type is unique and beautiful in their own way and to bring out that strength, you would need to know how you can accentuate your assets. Equipping yourself with this knowledge will help you to learn what clothings can compliment your figure and make you feel better about yourself!

There are 5 different body types. 

  1. Round
  2. Triangle (Pear) 
  3. Inverted Triangle 
  4. Hour Glass 
  5. Rectangle 

A Round body type consists of a large bust, narrow hips and a full midsection. You will tend to gain more weight in your stomach, back and upper body. You may also have flat buttocks and slender legs. What could you wear if you have a round body shape? We encourage you to wear dresses or tops with vertical and diagonal lines, this will help your midriff look slimmer. Dresses that are loosely but properly fitted with flares on the side or material in the front are also a good way to help accentuate your body shape. It is also safe to wear dresses with longer sleeves as well.


A Triangle (pear) body shape is characterized by large hips which are wider than your bust. Other characteristics of this body shape are a defined waist, and proportionately slim arms and shoulders. Weight is distributed more in your bottom and legs, rather than your upper body. If you are looking to define your waist more, wear fitted tops with dark coloured flared bottoms as this will given an illusion of slimmer legs. The best feature of a pear body shape are your shoulders so we highly recommend sleeveless a-line dresses that will accentuate your shoulders and waist.

The Inverted Triangle is a body shape that describes a person who is generally well-proportioned, with broader shoulders and bust, and narrower hips. The body is not necessarily as curvy through your hips and it doesn’t have a well-defined waistline. It is better to wear dresses that have soft feminine textures with open necklines and collars such as v-necks and scoop necks as this helps soften your shoulder line. To give an illusion of a smaller waist, wear dresses that are a-line and avoid ones that are bodycon. 

An Hour Glass body shape is characterized by hip and bust measurements that are nearly equal in size, with a narrower waist measurement. Your shoulders are slightly round and your legs are in proportion with your upper body. What will compliment my hour-glass figure? Think bodycon dresses that are perfect in accentuating  your curves. However if you would like downplay your curves, an A- line dress that has stripes is a good alternative. Wrap tops and flared pants are also a good casual options for you. 

The Rectangle body shape means that you are not particularly curvy, your waist is not well-defined and your weight is fairly distributed throughout the body. Your waist measurements are less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurements. You can wear most of the types of dresses that are available but avoid ones that make your shoulders look too boxy. Wear dresses that will help define your waist and even add a belt. It is good to wear fitted clothes to accentuate your body as well.

Rose of Sharon strives to help each and every women embrace their body shape. Do make an appointment with our in-stores stylists who would be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal fashion wear for your body shape! Click here to make an appointment.


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